Become an Ally of the Green Party Disability Group

The Green Party Disability Group supports disabled members in their Green Party activities and fights for the rights of disabled people at a local, national and international level.

We ask that those who would like to join but are not disabled support our work with a financial contribution.

Help us:

  • Support disabled candidates across England and Wales
  • Campaign to advance the rights of disabled people
  • Help disabled members get the most out of Green Party life
  • Employ staff members to drive our work forward

The suggested donation to join as an ally is £20 per year. Donating more than that helps us offer flexible options for those less able to afford it while still supporting our work. Thank you!

Disabled? Membership of the Disability Group is free for disabled people, whether or not they are members of the Green Party. Join the Green Party Disability Group here.

Please note if you're struggling financially you can adjust the payment amount and frequency. If payment is a barrier you can join as an ally for free here.